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Useful Keno Strategies

Though almost everyone who plays the game has developed his or her own "no fail" strategy for winning at keno, the sad truth is, there is no way to game the system. Keno is a game of pure luck, and there's no way to anticipate what numbers are going to be chosen from round to round. However, there are some ways players can develop a more successful Keno Strategy.

Letting Go of Lucky Numbers

Even the unluckiest numbers are bound to come up from time to time when the game is as random as keno. Players who attempt to develop a keno strategy based on lucky numbers, then, are bound to win occasionally but lose most of the time. The best bet is to pick as randomly as the keno game itself. The odds are reset with each new game, so there's no sense in hoping for only one set of lucky numbers.

Getting a Good Spread

Players can try to increase their chances of winning by playing multiple sets of numbers on the same card with little to know overlap. The wider the spread of the numbers a player chooses, the better the chances are that at least one of those numbers will be picked. Players should try and spread out there numbers widely across the card. If all of the numbers are clumped up in one spot on the card, the odds of hitting them are much lower.

Just like with the lottery, there is no failsafe when it comes to playing keno. Anyone who tries to sell a "no fail" keno strategy then is selling nothing worth paying for.